About the Museum mill


The Museum Mill is the middle of the three mills in a row at Schermerhorn. Together they form a beautiful, typically Dutch picture. The Museum Mill is open to the public from 1 April to 1 November.

You can view the mill from bottom to top and see exactly how a water mill works and how the Schermerpolder was formed 400 years ago by draining the Schermeer. Moreover, you get an idea of how people used to live and work in a polder mill. In the cinema there is a film that explains more about the history of the polder and the development of the polder dewatering.

Information about opening hours and admission prices are available on the page of the Museummill. 


Adres Museummolen


Museummolen Schermer
Molens Stichting
Noordervaart 2
1636 VL  Schermerhorn
Tel: +31 (0)72 303 0246
E-mail: info@museummolen.nl

Photography: Fred Oudejans, Ingrid Schatz
Restauration videofootage: JOIR Design
Drone videography: John van Dieken



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