The Museum Mill in the Schermer

Visit the MuseummillThe Story of the Schermer

How we made land out of water in 1633

From 1633 to 1635, the lake Schermeer was drained by 52 mills, resulting in the Schermerpolder.

A unique piece of water management from the Golden Age.

The Museum Mill is one of the mills that is left over and you can see it from top to bottom.
You see how the mill works and how people used to live in the mill.

Come to the Schermer and enjoy the vast landscape,
the mills and the history of the reclamation.

Visit the museummill

The Museum Mill in Schermerhorn is one of the eleven remaining polder mills in the Schermer that 400 years ago dried the polder. The Museum Mill is open to the public every day from 1 April to 1 November. Questions about how the mill works? The miller will gladly explain it to you.

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60.000 liters of water per minute

With a favorable wind, a mill pumps up 60,000 liters of water per minute. And the 400-year-old mills still work!

At the miller’s home

Imagine: living with your whole family on 25  m2, without kitchen or toilet.
And available 24/7. A heavy existence.

The history of the reclamation

From Scimeer to Schermerpolder

The story of the Schermer

The Schermerpolder, where the Museum Mill is located, was a lake of more than 4 meters deep until 1633.

Between 1633 and 1635 this lake was drained by 52 octagonal polder mills.

The Museum Mill is one of the remaining 11 polder mills, with which the Schermerpolder was retaken 400 years ago on the water.
And the mill still works!

The 17 icons of the Schermer

Landscape-determining and robust. The power of the ancient icons is still the pride of the Schermer. Cycle, walk or sail through & nbsp; the polder and view them all!

Bring in the Dutch

In the Schermer people live more than 4 meters below sea level. A special example of water management, what the Dutch are still known for.

Artisanal maintenance

Thatching, repairing sails, painting and carpentry, but also large-scale restorations. There is a lot involved when preserving 400 years of cultural heritage.

Did you know…

… the Museum Mill is open daily from 1 April from 10 am to 5:30 pm?

… you can charge your e-bike at the Museummolen?

… you can ask the miller of Museummolen all about how the mill works?

… there is a jetty in the ring canal, right next to the Museum Mill?

… you can follow all the news about the Schermermolens via Facebook?

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in the Schermer

Adres Museummolen


Museummolen Schermer
Molens Stichting
Noordervaart 2
1636 VL  Schermerhorn
Tel: +31 (0)72 303 0246

Photography: Fred Oudejans, Ingrid Schatz
Restauration videofootage: JOIR Design
Drone videography: John van Dieken



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